Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hot fun in the summer time!

First rule of golf? Safety first.

The boys putting army men in a green slime.  Parents kept telling them they couldn't play with the slime.  Well, today was their lucky day. Slime time! Then, after the soldiers were stuck in the goo, attack with air soft guns!

Earlier in the summer Joel thought it would be funny to "be an alien" and wear numerous swimming goggles.  I have to was funny!

Fun with Grandpa

Spent the day with the grandparents last Saturday.  For the boys it was: we-get-to-do-whatever-we-want-cause-we-are-at-grandma & grandpa's house. And that's the way it supposed to be.  It was a chance for Jason to get another air soft gun (cue Tim Allen grunt).
This is them with airsoft guns.

The look of determination on Jeffrey's face.  THAT COKE CAN IS GOING DOWN!

July 4th

Some pictures of the July 4th fun.  I know I have more somewhere on this computer.  Let me see if I can get the hamster to move the wheel faster to find them....

Joel's first (and I think he last) firework.  It was a smoke bomb.  Lots of smoke, not a lot of pop.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

High School Graduation

After celebrating his own graduation, Joel couldn't make it through High School graduation

Graduation Pics

Getting Ready for Grad

Got my Game Face on!

Game Face is gone...trying not to fall asleep while principal rambles on!

World's best Pre-K teacher: Mrs. Gruhlkey

Joel and his awards

Jeffrey and his awards

Brothers always

Accelerated Reader Award

Jeffrey won a chair. Each year the reading teacher challenges students to get 200 points in Accelerated Reading, if they do they get a chair. Each book in the library is worth points depending on its reading level etc. Anyway, he won a chair last year and he wanted to do it again this year. He got 202 points. We are proud of him because he was able to do this while reading books at near a fourth grade reading level and keeping straight A's and being a good kid! He does enjoy reading and what really helped was the Wimpy Kid series books. He tore through them in a couple of weeks and wanted more.....unfortunately....there ain't no more! So we took him to see the movie instead!

Pre-K Grad and Awards

Joel graduated from Pre-K...We found out he can spell his name and color good! Whoo Hoo! Kidding aside, he received the two highest awards you can get. One of them was Citizenship Award (meaning overall great kid) the other award was Character Counts (only a handful of kids in the whole school got this). With Character Counts he received a Wal-Mart gift card with five bucks on it. When he saw the card he said, "I GOT A CARD!" We told him it had money on it and then he said, "I GOT A CARD WITH MONEY ON IT!" Jeffrey racked up with four awards in the assembly: Near Perfect Attendance (he missed one day! We tried so hard to take him that day but puke and everything wouldn't allow it) All 'A' Honor Roll. (Very Proud of him) Citizenship award (again...good kid!) and Music Award (who knew?!). We later found out that his teacher gave him Handwriting award and Math Facts award! We found those awards in his backpack and asked him about it and he said, "Oh yeah, my teacher gave me two more awards." (He didn't get communication award)